A new platform to connect your fans to the best experiences and generate new revenue for your organization.

A new platform to connect your fans to the best experiences and generate new revenue for your organization.

Attention is the new currency.

Therefore, now users pay for services with attention and not just with their money.

Being aware of this scenario, we created a platform for Fan Engagement “all in one”, where fans can consume and interact with their favorite club 100% through the SupperApp.

Generating BIG DATA and enhancing the generation of new revenue for the entity.


Our SupperApp is a native digital and mobile developed

to optimize and enhance the relationship between sports entities and their fans.


The entire environment is ruled by gamification techniques.


Fan clustering with offer automation.


Instant offers based on the user’s location.


Sale of any item, such as tickets and official products, via mobile platform.

Immersive experiences

Creation of incredible experiences based on augmented reality and virtual reality.

real-time ads

Inventory delivery for virtual ad auctions.

Digital Fan Pass

With the SupperApp it is possible to create new ways to offer products, services, and digital experiences to your fan worldwide, expanding the fan’s journey beyond the Match Day and generating fan engagement 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not rely only on Match Day to generate new revenue streams and create new digital assets are crucial for clubs in this new era.

Digital Subscription

Opportunity for fans anywhere in the world to acquire a special digital program, seizing exclusive benefits via mobile.

Tailor-made Experiences

Automated creation and delivery of personalised experiences inside and with the SupperApp.

Exclusive Content

Our technology allows the production and offer of exclusive content, such as training videos and behind the scenes. These contents have a high level of engagement and monetization potential.

Clubs’ Collectibles

Gamification based on digital gifts exploring the fans’ strong motivation in collectibles.

What our users are saying:

Pedro Sforcini
Pedro Sforcini@sforcinijunior
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The app that São Paulo launched is fantastic. Easy to use, informative, and up to date. I am still getting familiar with the app, for Android and iPhone. If you haven’t installed it yet, it is free, and in the future, we will be able to buy match tickets through the app. Once again, São Paulo is innovating.
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Guys, the SPFC app is perfect, everything is beautiful, and the club/fan interaction is a promise, especially when football returns!
 Gabriel Perecini
Gabriel Perecini@gperecinispfc
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The São Paulo app appears to be very nice. A collection of content, new entertainment options and information, and most importantly: it seems to me that it’s a place where the fans have a voice, to give our opinions through surveys and pools. This is fundamental.
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I thought the app was very interesting, well designed and interactive, nice job from São Paulo.


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